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The Travelping Open Subscriber Server (TPOSS) is at the core of all Travelping Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) applications. Our session control products are carrier-grade systems with fine-grained policy enforcement support for CAPWAP, L2/L3 VPN and GTP. Our clients have been using TPOSS in networks of all sizes.

Diameter and RADIUS

TPOSS implements all RADIUS and Diameter components required to build scalable AAA solutions for a wide range of telecommunication networks. Further, TPOSS contains all building blocks required for deployment and operational management of AAA solutions.

RADIUS Server Applications

RADIUS servers are the backbone of all telecommunications networks.

Public WiFI networks, WiFi roaming solutions, FTTH networks and LTE-based mobile networks require solid solutions for authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA). Our TPOSS RADIUS server applications are currently used in a variety of deployments such as public transport WiFi in Hamburg, Germany; WiFi roaming at the Beijing Olympics; DSL CPE management in the UK; and for a global machine-to-machine (M2M) communication network.

Growing with Your Requirements

The TPOSS system architecture scales horizontally according to your deployment needs. Travelping employs web-scale technologies ensuring that your AAA system will never become a bottleneck and will expand horizontally based on your demands. Our smart scaling approach enables you to start with a basic configuration and add capacity as needed.

TPOSS appliances are built around the powerful TPLINO embedded Linux and X-Ray management framework which guarantee easy deployment and operations. TPOSS applications can provide real time information for our unique network intelligence architecture.

Session Control

Our session control products are carrier-grade systems which have been deployed by our clients in networks of all sizes. They come with fine-grained policy enforcement support for CAPWAP, L2/L3 VPN and GTP based on your needs. Each product is engineered to provide the best performance, reliability and security in its class.

Ready for Your Network

SCG 2104 is our base session control gateway model which has proven as a good foundation for any WiFi network. As all other SCG platforms the SCG 2104 uses software-defined networking (SDN) technology and runs our custom Linux distribution (TPLINO) for embedded network devices. This model is capable of handling a few thousand sessions at a time while delivering excellent performance and throughput.

SCG 2104 is a the right platform for small operators who are getting started with building their networks or looking to expand existing ones.

Scale-up Throughput

SCG 2208 is an extension of SCG 2104 and provides for higher throughput in networks with higher workload profiles per session. We employ improved networking capabilities together with the same industry-proven platform. The efficient use of SDN technology enables the platform to handle more traffic without the need for much more computational power, thus keeping the energy footprint of the platform low.

SCG 2208 is a great fit for high-traffic networks with moderate amounts of sessions which require a low total cost of ownership (TCO) solution.

More Power and Room to Grow

SCG 4206-M combines the improved throughput of the SCG 2208 series with superior computational power to accommodate large numbers of clients within your network.

Typical 3G/4G offload scenarios which naturally have large numbers of mobile clients moving in and out of the network require the deployment of the larger session capacity of SCG 4206-M. Session bursts can be handled with ease by the integrated SDN technology without compromising performance or client timeouts.

SCG 4206-M is capable of handling large numbers of sessions and is the perfect choice for fast-growing networks.

Massive Performance and Peace of Mind

SCG 8204-M is our answer to the ever-increasing demands of large networks. This top-of-the-line platform provides a tremendous amount of computational power to handle even the most stressing session bursts in your network. Its bleeding-edge networking components ensure that your network throughput won’t become a bottleneck. The combination of our scalable embedded Linux distribution TPLINO with efficient use of SDN technology enable this performance breakthrough.

SCG 8204-M can handle the massive scalability and throughput requirements of today’s largest networks.

Carrier-grade AAA based on ITU, BBF, 3GPP, and ETSI reference designs